Reading 3- Noel Grieg “Young people, New Theatre : a practical guide to an intercultural process”

Although not started as a reading we had to complete I decided to take it upon myself to read it anyway as it was the first in our reader. The reading explains some basics about group work and collaboration, something that is vital to our module and the creation of practical work. Grieg uses this short chapter to outline firstly that as a group we must engage and decide upon how we are going to organise our work, how to develop our work, how the leadership will work and how to assess our progress.

Grieg explains that for a group to be successful they must understand leadership and the fundamental rules associated with it. All groups have internal leaderships and it is the group’s responsibility to address this early in the process. For a group to be successful firstly they must address “yes, and, but, no and because” the words of group work. Firstly the group must learn to say yes, “yes we will try that and yes we can have a go”, once this has been achieved then as a group you can start to say and as well, “yes we can try that and how about adding this”. Once the first two words are arranged creative work should fit into a happy place somewhere where everyone is give fair chances, the application of “but, no and because” follow now, this words have to be used considerately in a manner that is honest and fair.

The second group technique he mentions is reporting back to each and always allowing each other to help when we need it. This is because everyone can be a leader and sometimes one leader is not the answer sometimes shared responsibility is much more successful. The final point he raises is that study other group techniques is a good way to develop your group dynamics further.

Although a very short reading and not a required one I found this reading really important not only for this module but for practical work in general. I aim to bring some of this practice with me in rehearsals to see if it can really work.

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