Portfolio Task 1- Collect and Record Five Artefacts

For our first portfolio task we were asked to find five artefacts and record how we found them and why we chose them. The first two artefacts that I have found are from an artist’s production, Lucy X Exaqua married a piece of her art in July 1997 and in the Women’s Archive at the University of Goldsmiths there is a box of artefacts from the event. Below are two pictures from this collection-

315881_10200094612301802_1728605979_n 426085_10200094604781614_1583793267_nFrom these images I became really interested in the concept of marrying an object, how often does it occur and what kind of people undertake this act. To research these questions, although not professional, I decided to complete an internet search around the subject areas. First of all I searched for people marrying objects and I found the website “http://www.ranker.com/list/13-people-who-married-inanimate-objects/jude-newsome ” who listed the top thirteen marriages to objects. One of the cases on this website included someone who married a roller coaster because she believed that no one person could ever make her feel the excitement she got from this ride. Other examples addressed on the site were a lady who married the Eiffel tower and a lady who married an ocean liner. Both of these examples I found interesting because one was a National landmark and therefore left me wondering what are the implications of marrying something which is so public and vital to a Nation’s history and culture. Whereas the other is a water bound vessel and although identified as a ship from a specific country spends the majority of its time away from its home shores. So to further research these two events I found new articles on the subjects, although based by their political opinions and therefore possibly supplying false facts both articles do address the event. For the marriage to the Eiffel tower I found a article written by the Telegraph “http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2074301/Woman-with-objects-fetish-marries-Eiffel-Tower.html” for the Ocean liner I found a blog entry by the Mirror “http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/captain-greybeard/2010/03/married-to-an-ocean-liner.html”.

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