Week 5 – Archive and Memory

Lecture question– Presence and absence: performing with layers of time and space

Today the lecture was split into two sections, we had a short session with Eve who gave a lecture of Archive and memory and then we had a second section dedicated to practical work.


For the theory session the lecture had us thinking about what can we question about archives? What are the areas that we should be weary of? The answers were very simple firstly we must always consider the accuracy and objectivity, how truthful are objects we are looking at are there any way they could have been tampered with. Secondly what is the usefulness of collecting and examining historical documents and objects? We need to understand whether they really hold the key to the questions we have or are they just lost in the time era they are from. Finally what is the archive’s mission statement? Do they aim for the same things we want, and will they really have the items we are looking for?

From this topic area we then moved on to looking at documentation and how it is essential that you document throughout your process. We discussed that as we perform we should record and as we create we should document.

The final thing that we looked at today was Barriet Bradley who spoke about the pleasures, seduction and illusions of archival work. He questions again what is real and correct and how do we know that the sources we find really are what they imply, he also encourages constant questioning of the resource material.


For the practical session this week we all had to present the findings we collected from the archives last week, so for this my group decided to show the PowerPoint that I made. The general vibe from our peers and lecturers was good, they outlined that they thought we had made a good start and the information we had obtained was of a good level. To progress further now we were told to explore the history of the time so the eighties more, look in to the laws regarding weddings, look at why someone would marry art there has to be a deeper meaning. Finally we need to formulate a final piece idea where are we going with this research what do we want to make a statement about.

Portfolio task 4– use three different modes of documentation to record the group’s development

This I will complete after our visit to the Women’s Art Collection on Monday 11th March

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