Our second visit to the Archive- Women’s Arts Collection

Upon arrival we met up with Anthea and explained to her what we were interested in and the areas that we would like to develop further. We explained that we were interested in weddings as an art form and would like to explore more performances that look at either the event or the elements involved with a wedding. Anthea explained that in a past year she had also taken an interest in the topic of weddings and therefore knew actually where to look. After a short visit to the archive she returned with a group of magazines all that had articles around the subject and some individual case studies of artists work.

Together I, Lucie and Leah studied the artifacts to either develop our understanding of Lucy X’s wedding to her art further or gain further inspiration from other artists. The first artist we looked at was Cornelia Parker who melted down two wedding rings so they stretch the circumference of a living room. She explained how to her a wedding ring tells a story revealing our past and future, she had a fascination in the possibilities to read the story locked in the ring and therefore she planned to stretch the story out so it could be revealed to all. I personally found this interesting because Lucy X chose to make her own wedding rings engraved with her and arts names therefore in themselves revealing a story of their purpose. From this artist and Lucy X,  I began to question what a wedding ring is and who says it has to be a round metal object. For an example of the wedding ring picture here is a website link http://www.icaboston.org/exhibitions/permanent-collection/artists/parker/

The second artist we looked at was Jana Sterbak who created a piece called Deference. This piece involved a young women being strapped into a large wedding dress that had a metal fence around the bottom, this young lady was then surrounded by angry dogs. For images of this project see the follow link http://www.janasterbak.com/imagesofworks/psi-a-slecna-defence-/psi-a-slecna.jpg.php . The ideas we took from this project was the concept behind a wedding dress, what it means and shows, for me I saw a symbol of weakness and vulnerability. This was because it seemed to me that the dress acts as a bar between the bride and groom the bigger the dress the bigger the bar, its almost as though she is shielding herself from being hurt but the act of marrying someone says that they want their protection. With this in mind we are questioning the dress we will use as it holds so many hidden stories.

As a whole we found the visit to be generally unhelpful, providing some but small added inspiration. We have decided to perform a wedding like Lucy X’s but following all laws regarding English weddings so that if we had gained the correct papers our wedding would be legally binding unlike Lucy’s

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