Portfolio Task 4 and Performance Task

For this week’s performance task we were asked to conduct some research into the oral history of the time period from when our archival material was gathered. Lucy X produced her work in 1983 so for this task I am going to research the social and political situation in the England around the 80’s especially looking into Camberwell where the ceremony took place.


Camberwell, SE5, is in theLondon Borough of Southwark and is bordered by East Dulwich, Peckham and Herne Hill its character is High rise and historic. Their history goes back to 1125 however around the time of Lucy’s production the town underwent some small changes. In 1982 the year before the production the Selbourne Estate was built by Wates and then a year later in 1984 Denmark Hill Station was rebuilt after a fire in 1980 and  Chumleigh Gardens in Burgess Park were restored as World gardens.

Also in the area of Camberwell is the University of Arts London which also had some changes around this time. In 1986 three years after Lucy’s project the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts became a constituent college of the London Institute, formed by the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). Then three years later it was renamed Camberwell College of Arts but it was not until 2004 when the London Institute was granted university status and was renamed University of the Arts London.

The area where she staged her wedding is rich in art inspiration and culture with historic buildings scattered all around including churches and parks that it is very easy to see why she chose this area.

Information gained from the following sites-




London in the 1980s was a much different story to Camberwell-

“Many of the tensions of the 1970’s continued into the 1980’s. Hostility between the Metropolitan Police and the West Indian community erupted into riots in Brixton in 1981. Hostility between national government and the Greater London Council (GLC) led to the abolition of the GLC in 1986. The IRA resumed its bombing campaign.

But the 1980s also saw new reasons for optimism about London’s future. After reaching its lowest point in 1983 London’s population began to rise for the first time in the century. Money began to flow through the City of London as the banking and financial service industries took over the role previously taken by the docks of placing London at the centre of global wealth creation. The biggest physical change London had seen in centuries began to transform the derelict docks into gleaming new office and residential districts. Docklands was Europe’s largest ever urban regeneration project.”

More specifically in 1982 the Thames barrier opened, IRA bombings in Hyde Park and Harrods and the Barbican Centre opened. London was a place of unrest and political anger which makes Lucy’s piece all the better as she is asking vital questions regarding marriage and its laws when everyone else are also questioning the laws by which they are governed.

Information gained from http://www.20thcenturylondon.org.uk/timeline/1980-1989

Our portfolio task for this week was to use three different modes of documentation, for this task I have already displayed two throughout this blog which are photographic and written, however for the third one video I have not been able to complete this element yet. I am hoping in the coming weeks to be able to video either a rehearsal or maybe a possible location for our practical and display it on the blog to fullfil this requirement.

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