PortfolioTask 5 Short Essay

How have you personally responded to archive materials?

I have personally taken the initial archive material on Lucy X and her wedding and tried to discover as much more as possible, I then created a power point of this research. Then next I have researched into other weddings and the background behind the artist’s decisions and the messages that these works displays. With these researches I have then considered the how we are going to stage the wedding and what elements of wedding come with their own story such as the white dress, the bride walks down slowly the aisle with her father and the rings. With all this research I  now need to obtain the laws of marriage and then start to respond creatively by creating the video for the project with the other members of my group.

What questions do they raise?

From studying Lucy X’s work and her wedding there are many questions that if I could meet her I would have loved to have asked. The first would be why she did not make it official and actually marry this piece of art, was it because it not physically possible or is it because she is rebelling against the idea of marriage and therefore to marry the artwork would have been to give in to the pressure. I would have also liked to ask her why if she loved the art work so much then did she then sell it on after the wedding and why make plans to divorce the art work within five years.  Through all the research I have done and been able to gather her motivations and reasoning always seems to be the grey area and I would like to know why. I simply  question whether she just did not have a reason and was hoping to find it along the way.

What traces do you want to explore?

From the work we have now gained I and the group want to look further into the practicality of staging a wedding to art –  is it possible to make it legal and what really were the things Lucy had to consider when she make the choice to marry her art work.

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