Group Practical Discussion

Yesterday I and my group met for a discussion on our practical project, we met to discuss where it was going, is the original project still suitable and with that in mind where are we going to progress from here.

To start the conversation I thought it important to outline that we have five weeks now left of this module of which we had four till our practical work was due in for submission. I outlined that we have our archive material that we wish to work from “Lucy X- marriage to art” and that we have now completed the research in the laws of marriage. From this information we as a group realized that it is impossible to legally marry a piece of art or any inanimate object for that matter. Marriage laws very clearly state that you have to be human with proof of birth, both things an object can’t prove.  So where do we progress from here, well after a long conversation regarding the module, what we think its been about, where we think it has all been going and what we feel we have taken from the past seven weeks this is the conclusion we came to.

The module and material – from the past seven weeks we feel as a group the module has taught us what an archive is, how to produce archival material and what should and should not go in the archive. So with this in mind we feel that we should be producing archival material as our final piece as this is where all our readings have led us. The material we have gathered from Lucy X came from one single box, there is no trace of her work on the internet and therefore if this box is burnt or distorted would that mean her work would be forever lost to the world?

Our project – with all this information and the discussions we had we have come to the conclusion that we can not stage the marriage to art as its impossible so instead we are going to create a box just like Lucy’s entitled “The impossible wedding”. The box will be displayed as an instillation with the contents displayed around the room and at the end of our piece will all be placed back in the box and sealed for archival storage. The box will include the following materials –

  • All the legal laws about marriage in England which will be placed around the room on A4 paper- this will be placed in the box at the end of the piece
  • A disposable camera which will allow audience members to take pictures of things that stand out to them or that cause an impact, this camera will not be developed- when at a wedding hundreds of pictures are taken to which only a handful are even seen, what happens to the rest, they are lost in time with only our memories to remain. With this in mind we will have photographs taken and store them in the box to stay with those who took the picture.
  • Digital camera to take pictures that will be seen by future viewers of the project
  • A DVD of the staged wedding which we will arrange even though it can never be real- throughout the instillation the film will be showing and the empty box will remain to symbolize its final resting place
  • The vows and speeches written and recorded- for the instillation these will be playing on loop over the film of the wedding and the written words spread around the room
  • Slice of Cake- in the instillation there will be a perfect white wedding cake however part of the project will be to cut the cake to reveal the colour inside

Our new idea of our project is to address judgmental opinions regarding weddings, so the cake will seem normal until further investigation, the speeches will be normal until the speaker is revealed and the wedding will seem normal when shot from the back until the actors turn round at the end of the film. The piece will aim to leave its audience members questioning what they consider right for a wedding.

As we have to show something next week in lecture we are going to bring along the box in its current condition and explain the new project, we understand the risks in changing our piece so much so late to the deadline however we feel this is the best way to better the project.

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