Ideas for film shots

As one of our main goals for the film is not to reveal the identity of the bride and groom untill the end of the film we needed some ideas of ways to shoot the filn. To make a start of some ideas I began to look at some music videos although not the same style as our film will be there was three videos which provided some inspiration.

The first was Christina Perri’s music video to ” A Thousand Years”

From this video there are a number of dress shots that I liked framed from her back looking at the length, there was also a shot of her headdress that i liked but being that i am taller then the other members of my group this shot maybe impossible. The shots are at 0:10-15, 1:52-54, 3:14-20 and 4:13 to the end of the video

The next video was Beyoncé’s music video to “Best Thing I Never Had”

From this video there are some more wedding dress shots that I really liked, they show the length without showing her face. The shots I liked are at 2:05-07,  2:14-20 and 2:23-25,

The next video was Taylor Swifts music video to “Love story”

This is your normal girly music video but there are some very nice relationship shots from distance that I really liked from this video, the shots are at 3:05-30

The final film I have found was a fan based music video made by a mother of her daughter to Taylor Swifts “Today was a fairytale”

As this film is made of younger children it is hard to make shots where they look like they are in love without them actually kissing, therefore there are some really nice close shots that make allusions. The shots I liked were at 1:50-2:02 and 2:13-2:25.

These are the shots I have found so far, if I or any of the other members find some more I will upload them.

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