A Day of Filming

Today my group and I completed the filming and photo shoot for our project, we choose West Ham Park as our location because of its scenic gardens and walkways. We decided that the film should be a short wedding film for the bridal entrance, to the married couple leaving. To achieve this film we needed to shoot a variety of different shots, these included the following-

  • Bridal entrance- shot from in front stationary and moving with the bride, and from the back stationary and moving with the bride
  • The speaking of the vows and promises
  • The brides’ facial expressions from the vows and promises
  • The giving of the rings
  • The wedding kiss
  • The exit as a married couple walking away, stationary looking on at the couple and following

We also tried filming the couple running to each others arms in various different ways but after viewing the footage this shot did not work for the film and has therefore been cut. With all the footage then collected we moved on to editing the film.
As the film is going to be silent with a backing track playing we did not need to worry with making the film sound correct. So we viewed all the gathered footage and choose the best pieces then cross linked this clips together adding any needed fades. We made a stylistic choice to have the film completely in black and white until the last shot as it symbolizes the very one sided options many people have regarding weddings. The film then fades though the color spectrum almost like a rainbow because for me I thought this leaves the audience with the impressions that no matter for colour, gender or race, love is love and no one should tell us who we can and can’t marry.

With the film complete we also took various wedding portrait shots that can be left in the box for public viewing. Below is a slide show of these same pictures. We decided to complete a stereotypical wedding photo shoot as the ideas behind this wedding is making it as normal as possible. Though looking at these pictures you will see that Lucie remains with her hat off as these images are designed to make a statement and concealing her identity would have the complete opposite effect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day was very enjoyable and leaves us with the task of recording the vows and promises to place over the footage, however for the purpose of class showing we are going to show the footage but with a backing track playing.

For that background track I have found three options that I will run by the other members of the group before showing, and they are-

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