Reading 11- Barthes, R., “Camera Lucida”.

This reading was centered on photography and the power of a picture, Barthes starts the reading by explaining the surprises that a photographer has to consider when taking images for a theatrical purpose. The first is “rare” how original is the content, is it something which we could come into contact with on a daily basis. The second is capturing a movement in a moment which painting cannot. The third is ability to capture the finest of details, so for example to moment when a drop of water touches a counter. The fourth is the technique that the artist chooses to use in their photograph and finally the fifth is the luck of finding something unusual.

Barthes then moves on to discussing the punctum and the stadium, these are explained in detail using other photographs as examples. A Punctum is the hidden meaning or details within a photograph, so this could be a badge on the finger of a person in the photograph or the location of a gesture. Whereas the stadium is the clear details that are obvious to everyone who looks at the picture. Barthes explains that for him the Punctum is the most interesting thing about photography as many times the things he discovers are not actually placed there on purpose or for a reason but have become through the picture. As Barthes explains it, the stadium is also coded with meaning or reasoning but the Puctum is not.

In conclusion by reading this reading it has made me very aware of the hidden details in the photographs that were taken for our project. I am now very curious to go back over the picture to see if I could uncover any more information that I myself didn’t know was there.

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