Reading 12- Dixon, S “Digits, Discourse and Documentation: Performance Research and Hypermedia

This reading spoke about a CD-ROM with the footage of a production of Chameleons 2: in dreamtime on it, the CD-ROM allows the viewer to select the chapter they wish to watch or to watch the film the whole way though. The disc also allows the viewer to choose between audio or written commentary on specific scenes. Dixon uses this reading to explain the success of this CD and of this form of multimedia. As this reading looks on at this CD and its possibilities I found myself feeling very distant from the reading as I could not see the functions which this reading spoke of, although there were some photographs to assist with the reading I still did not feel these were enough to fully explain the disk. If I was provided with the CD-ROM then I feel I would have been able to take more away from this reading. I have been left with the consideration of when we place our film on a disk which set up we choose can affect its success but felt this was all I could take away with me.

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