Week 9- Practical Development

This session was dedicated to the development of our practical work which is due in two weeks. To start the session we had a very quick catch up on what are our deadlines and the requirements for these assessments. We had two assessments a practical performance of the 30th April and a blog submission of the 7th May.

Practical – This is our work created from archival material that we have collected and responded to, this work should not be initially new or inspired by the archival material but should clearly show the work we collected throughout.

Blog– This should include précis, weekly lesson updates, rehearsal process and further development both practically and theoretically.

We then moved on to looking at our project, the first thing we needed to do was to record the promises and vows. This was completed by using my laptop and the recording and editing software I have.  We decided the vows should be played first and followed by the poem as this allows you as the audience to see and hear the stereotypical formalities of a wedding before the emotional impact are portrayed. To ensure that Lucy’s original project is present in our work we have mixed her wording from the pictures which we transferred to a poem with our own wording mentioned in previous weeks to create an all new poem. The poem reads-

“Oh picture, Oh concept, Oh Love, Oh Cage, Oh picture, Oh paint , Oh Love, Oh Prison,  Oh desperate little picture, Art my little freedom heart, A desperate little love, a heart with no freedom,

Oh painting, Oh sincerity, My Love, My Truth, Oh painting, Oh concept, My Love, Their Laws, Oh creativity, Oh true invitation Together we fight, My true art, My spouse, apart we fall”

We then have made some decisions on entrance music, for these we choose “I would do anything for love” by Meatloaf but the instrumental version as for us we felt this made not only a statement but followed in the design of our piece. We then decided that we wanted all the many important facts of the piece to be in separate boxes and stacked in a tower. Within each box would be an object with a tag indicating its purpose, so to eat, try on and use to take pictures. With these elements agreed upon we then made a to do list for the coming weeks, please see below.

To be done

  1. Birth certificates in box mine and Lucie’s
  2. Giving notices (Lucie is dealing with)
  3. Two more boxes – one with the cake in and one with the rings
  • Three tags – try me on, eat me and oh picture, concept document this day
  • Bring dress on day
  • Invites
  • Speakers for next week

The final part of today’s session was showing of work in progress and as we haven’t gained any feedback from fellow students we made the decision to show our piece. However as we don’t have all the elements for our project we spoke shortly before on how we would present our work and we decided to show only the film and the contents to our box as it is.

Showing our work was an experience that I was not expecting, many of the members of our class became very passionate about the fact Lucie was dressed as a boy and struggled to remain calm to give us the opportunity to fully explain our motives. With this strong passion the feedback we gained from our class members was minimal and unhelpful. So with this in mind our group decided to stay after class to have a private discussion with our lecturers to try and source the reason for this upset. The feedback that we got from our lecturers started as a blur of personal opinions and emotions and then became a calm adult discussion.

The feedback we got from our lecturers in bullet point form was as follows-

  • If Lucie is going to remain in a suit then our reason needs to be expressed far more clearly, our lecturers understand the idea that clothing should not be gender specific and that it’s the viewers own personal assumption she was dressed as a male but we must address from the start that she is a women and not a man.
  • Explain clearly the laws of gay marriage, what is the difference between a civil partnership and a marriage
  • How does Lucy X  and her work relate to this work, where does her work show in the piece.

With all this feedback gathered we are now going to walk away from the project for the day and come back to it with a clear mind another day. Our aims are to clearly explain these facts so that there is no room for miss conception.

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