Week 10 – Final Rehearsals

Today’s lecture was purely dedicated to final rehearsals, gathering final feedback from our lecturers and spending the time wisely to ensure our project was complete and ready for next week. After last week’s interesting feedback session we decided to spend the first twenty minutes discussing what we all took from the session what we felt needed to be changed or clarified and how we would achieve this. From the discussion we decided that the laws needed to be hung up in various areas around the room to ensure that message of the piece  was clear. We also decided that we needed to make the video less of a centrepiece and more of an element with aids to the overall theme of commitment. We just needed to find a way of expressing this fact in a clear manner.

We then had a short conversation with both of our lecturers and together we decided that the best way forward was to create an environment that almost symbolizes a wedding fair. The fair would show the unneeded wedding dress, the photographs which didn’t need to be taken and the fake cake, it would be set out with columns of laws hanging from the ceiling. There would also be a suggestion box which asks if you could commit to anything what it would be, a book that asks you to explain what a wedding is to you and video of a wedding with the question why when we think of commitment do we think of a wedding. For the rest of the lecture we decided to, reprint the laws so that they were bolder to see and on individual pieces of paper, design and decided of the tags for the objects and finally chose the location of the laws.  For an easy way to understand this I have created a floor plan. See below.

floor plan

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